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Hablas engles? I know u exist and are out there among this fake, crazy world. You seek to be self dependent and off grid and back to natural, plant based roots and not dependent on a fake, lying system. If u fit this description and are an honest, caring, ageless femayle, straight soul or family, please reach out and we can see if we are a nice fit. Have great experience and references with non toxic, natural ways, veganic (vegan organic grown and 100%) plant based food, and no smoking, parties or shananigins like that. Male, artist, str8, laid back, easy going athlete. Live in Housekeeper, housesitter, veganic gardener, meal prep, exercise guide, caretaker, whatever u and/or your family needs. Only use pure natural things to clean and wash like baking soda, raw vinegar and spring spring water. Synthetic DETERgents, fresheners and those soaps even 'organic' are proven to be a scam and not healthy to use.

Looking to be completely off grid and away from cell phone towers and service or wifi, a place in the hills, country or mountains away from polluted cities/towns. Separate housing with Outhouse, compost toilet, electric or wood for heating would be great , but i know most don't have this setup, so would be ok with natural room in chemical free house. Nice soil and sunshine and pure, unfiltered spring water or well water at home or spring nearby.

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